I’m back!!! After couple of months of silence, I’m writing for my blog again. First thing that I did today was looking at the SERPs for MySearchKit and I found a really nice surprise.

Knowledge Graph on the right hand side, pulling through information from MySearchKit Google+ page.

Knowledge Graph MySearchKit

I also checked other website and saw similar things. Moz Knowledge Graph looked like:

Moz Knowledge Graph

Now, I’ve been watching Knowledge Graph for brands for couple of months now, and the first point of references seemed to be Wikipedia. Interesting though, since not many businesses and brands have presence there due to their editorial rules, I guess Google has found in Google+ an alternative source of information to test in Knowledge Graph.

Looking into it a bit further I noticed that both have in common the “Following” button which come straight from Google +.

Moz Knowledge Graph Following

Eureka!, I did a search for both websites in a incognito windows and found that the information was different. In the case of MySearchKit, the SERPs didn’t have Knowledge Graph :(, disappointing!!! And in Moz’s case, it was a simple version.

Moz Simple Knowledge Graph


In the first couple of searches, I was logged in with my Gmail account which is also connected by default to my Google+ profile. Then, Google took that information to bring extra details when I was searching for a particular brand that I followed in Google+.


What can we learn from this?

  1.  This is definitely changing the way that Google presents your business to customers that follow you on Google+. So if you haven’t update your business information and contact details in Google+, it’s the right time to do so.
  2. Add as much information in Google+ as you can about your business: opening hours, pictures, reviews, etc. There is a good chance that it will appear in the Knowledge Graph.
  3. Publishing content in Google+ has become more relevant than ever. It can bring that extra information to the SERPs that your customers may be looking for.
  4. We could potentially see Google+ being used wisely in Knowledge Graph to bring extra information to the users, not just to users logged in Gmail.

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