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SEO questionJust recently received a question from Canada in regards to Twitter Government’s account and their value for search engines and rankings. The question was:

what would be the impact of a mention (tweet) in an official government Twitter account for search engines and rankings? In other words, would a tweet from this account have a similar impact than the .gov backlinks?


To start with, not long ago, Matt Cutts published a video particularly talking about Social Media, where he explicitly said that they were not using Social Media data as ranking factor in the algorithm simply because they was no warranty that they could always have access to it. This may or may not be true as we know.



Considering this and to answer the question, I guess a tweet from a Goverment Twitter account may not have the same effect that a backlink. Since Google is not actively crawling and adding this information as ranking factor, then the value is minimal comparing to a backlink in a Government website.

However, it’s still valuable to have this social interaction if the content and website of this particular business are relevant to the audience that the Government account has. Through the Twitter account, other marketing objectives can be achieved such as increase reach and audience, gain organic links, attract potential customers and hopefully driving more conversions to the business.


Increase Reach and Audience

If the piece of content distributed is interesting enough for the audience in the Goverment’s Twiter account, chances are that people will be more willing to share (or retweet) that to in their Twitter account or share in other Social Media channels. On the other hand, more people may be willing to receive information from business account, which can be measured by looking at the numbers of followers in certain period of time.


Gain backlinks naturally

Another natural consequence of increasing reach may be the fact that since the content reaches different audiences, there is a chance that some backlinks could be gained naturally in this process. Then, this definitely will have a direct effect your rankings and hopefully organic traffic.


Attract Potential customers

the more people are exposed to the content and the brand, the higher is the change that they will become familiar and potentially consider the brand when doing the decision making process.


Drive more conversion

Once the trust is built through expertise and knowledge, the conversion process is easier. People are more willing to take action when they reach certain level of trust.


Hope this helps and thanks again for your question.

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