From usability perspective, breadcrumbs help users to understand the structure of your website and navigate easily through it. For search engines, it helps to connect set of pages that are related to each other.

By implementing markups into breadcrumbs, Search Engines can recognise and display the hierarchy in the Search Resut pages as below, offering to users related landing pages.



Implementation using

In, breadcrumb is a property of WebPage. Therefore, it is important to add WebPage Markup in the <body> tag.

below the example:


<body itemscope itemtype=””>
<div itemprop=”breadcrumb”>
<a href=”category/books.html” itemprop=”url”>Books</a> >
<a href=”category/books-literature.html” itemprop=”url”>Literature & Fiction</a> >
<a href=”category/books-classics” itemprop=”url”>Classics</a>


Result in Rich Snippet Tool


Schema Breadcrumbs result in Rich Snippet Tool


Implementation Using RDFA

Another way to implement is using RDFA code. For each link in the breadcrumb, it needs to be added typeof=”vBreadcrumb”. Inside of this property, title and URL needs to be specified using rel=”v:url” and property=”v:title”.

Additionally, the last link need to be specified using a class=”breadcrumb_last”.


<p id=”breadcrumbs”>
<span xmlns:v=””>
<span typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”><a href=”” rel=”v:url” property=”v:title”>Home</a></span>
<span typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”><a href=”” rel=”v:url” property=”v:title”>Social Media</a></span>
<span typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”><span class=“breadcrumb_last” property=”v:title”>.Gov Tweets vs .Gov Backlinks: What is more effective?</span></p>

Result in Rich Snippet Tool




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