About this blog

This blog is about my experiences as SEO specialist, the everyday challenges and solutions that I came up with. It may or may not work for other websites but at least it’s a contribution to help anyone that may have be in the same situation.

It mean to be a place to debate and exchange knowledge. In the SEO world, there is no standards on how-to-do and the industry is so dynamic that it’s difficult to keep up. Testing always has been the advantage of Online. By sharing my experiences in SEO testing, I may inspire others to test in their websites as well.

It’s also a place for everyone that it’s passionate for SEO 🙂

What This Blog is not…

A prescriptive recipe to follow in order to achieve results in Search Engine Optimization. As I said above, this blog is a collection of my experiences. Things implemented in here, may or may not perform similarly in your website 🙂

About me

I’ve been working in Online Marketing since 2005. I started as Copywriter and Online Marketing Consultant in www.alauniversidad.com, a venezuelan website that helps students in their preparation to the University Admission tests in this country. I was in charge of content creation, Email marketing and newsletters and online competitions. This experience basically introduce me to the Online Marketing world.

Realizing that Online Marketing was my thing, I started to look for professional opportunities in the area and that’s how I found Condo Consulting, a leading online marketing agency that specializes in web development based on usability principles. There, I worked as Web Development Coordinator taking business requirements from the clients (generally from medium to large companies) and designing a web solution based on usability principles. Once the design was approved by the clients, I also had to coordinate the activities between developers, designers and content. A great work experience that allow me to development great Management and Team coordination skills.

Looking for new areas to explore opportunities, I did my first course in Search Engine Optimization back in 2008. Fascinated by the idea of helping users (and customers) to find what they were looking for as well as helping business to get found, I knew from the beginning that I have found the perfect area for me. I started to read books, look for information about SEO, however, the information available in Spanish was very limited and at that time, I didn’t speak English at all.

Working with Condo Consulting, we have a partnership with one of the most recognized SEO agencies in Spain, Human Level, who was helping us to introduce the concept of Search Engine Optimization basically in Venezuela. I think Condo Consulting was the first Online Makerting Agency that offered the service in Venezuela. With Human Level, I had the opportunity to learn about keyword research, information architecture for SEO and basic SEO onsite opt.

Back in 2009, I decided that I needed to expand my technical knowledge and I moved to Australia to do a Master of Information Technology. Meanwhile, I worked for Total Marketing Australia as SEO Consultant. Total Marketing Australia is a Online Marketing Agency located in Sydney that support small and medium business with their online marketing strategy.

There I had to create SEO strategies for clients taking into account their audience, their products and limitations. Basically, my job was to develop the new SEO division in Total Marketing. I had to select and hire copywriters, link builders, web developers and SEO specialists who will perform and support the SEO plans for each client. At some point, I was managing a team of 6 people and we had about 8 clients. We achieved great results. Many of our client’s website were getting quality organic traffic and up to 75% of their leads where through their websites. We didn’t do any aggressive link building strategy or article spinning or anything like. It was purely onsite optimisation, landing pages optimisation and local directory submission.

Looking for professional development, I started to look for new opportunities and that’s how I ended up at Flight Centre Limited as SEO Manager. At Flight Centre, I’m in charge of creating the SEO strategies for three of the biggest travel retailer business wthin Australia, (Flight Centre Australia, Student Flights Australia and Escape Travel).

The main challenge at Flight Centre has been to educate internal teams, business and marketing departments about SEO. On the other hand, each website is huge: we’re talking about thousands and thousands of pages that are created, updated and removed by different teams and I don’t have control of it. Technical knowledge and best practices have been my best friends.

In terms of Search, SEM has dominated as way to acquire online traffic, basically because of the quick return in enquiries and leads. Now, I could say that I’m trying to change that by giving the directions to a more sustainable and safe SEO strategy, emphasing in quality content creation and delivering better customer experience. SEO is not just about bringing traffic, it’s about matching up people’s expectations.

We have achieved good results since I got on board: increase over 100% in YoY non-branded traffic as well as increases in enquiries and bookings. However, there still a long way to go.